projet embroiderers of actualityAglaia Haritz VEINS#1 sewed drawing with red thread on white fabric 50x50 cm 2013Aglaia Haritz ANGEL OF BLOOD sewing on fabric 2013Aglaia Haritz ANGELS©ANONIMOUS II sewing- printed still video on cloth 2x1 m 2012aglaia haritz PUTTO NEROAglaia Haritz UTOPIA AND REGRESSION ORANGE printed videostill sewn on fabric 50x50x60 cm 2012Aglaia Haritz EXTIMITY. THE FAMILIAR UNKNOW- 2010Aglaia Haritz FANZINE CACTYOU! “BLACK WIDOW” 2011Aglaia Haritz WINDOW ON TEHERAN Video projected on a wood window- embroidered curtains with beads 2009Aglaia Haritz IRAN- TEHERAN- JUNE 2009 video on mobile phone with Arabic keyboard- six hand embroidered handkerchief 2009Aglaia Haritz PALESTINIAN MADONNA (D. Buetti) drawing on photocopy- glued on wood 2010Aglaia Haritz ABAYA-APOLLONIDE embroider with textile 2x1m 2010Aglaia Haritz DAILY NEWSPAPER 2003  Aglaia_Haritz_view of the show at Museo Cantonale d Arte Lugano 2010Aglaia_Haritz_FILI DI ATTUALITA#4    Aglaia Haritz Serie PALESTINE HEBRON photo sewing on fabric 153x105 cm 2008WHERE ARE OUR HEROES (Antoine de Saint-Exupery I) 42x94 cm 2012